Edward Panos, Capitalist Mogul

February 08, 2016
Edward Panos, a graduate of the University of Montana, resides in Park City, Utah. He has two children both girls and a wife. Mr. Panos has excelled in the world of business and has served in various management capacities. He has had over 19 years as a fund and business consultant, venture capitalist and start-up entrepreneur. The 19 years period includes eight years that he spent managing his firm known as Panos Industries, LLC.

Edward’s primary interest is in investments and building small cap companies with high growth. Panos practiced fund consultancy at the Bridges 360, LLC firm where he is a co-founder.  Bridges 360, LLC is an alternative performance fund that has its focus on bridge financing for companies trading publicly. Language Access Network is another firm he co-founded.  As a consultant, Panos specializes in corporate branding, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate structuring and restructuring and earns outs.

His passion for Indie film made him start a funding firm for the Indie Films; Indie Film Funding, Inc. The firm is a crowded platform for raising funds and is mainly focused on financing the indie movie industry. Edward Panos has dedicated his life to helping the needy, homeless and the drug addicts. His help to the community has branded him a name as a philanthropist. He is a Sigma Chi fraternal organization alumnus.  During his leisure time, Panos’ interest is in skiing, hiking, and golf. He also volunteers at Christian Centre of Park City where he helps people in needs of clothes in their stores every Wednesdays.